jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2018

A Modest Proposal

In this essay I am going to talk about it’s relationship with the values of justice and fairness. I don’t found any relatioship of the values with this essay because for example the proposal of Jonathan Swift, that for me is an ilogical and crazy solution that is to sell children to rich preople for it them that is mean, but I understand that Swift wants to help the economy and poverty of Ireland but obviously is not the solution. We have to understand that this kids needed many things like food, someone to take care of them, live in good conditions and a good example to follow. In this essay I would not apply the word of justice I will tell solidarity because for example a poor person don’t need someone to make them feel bad, they need a person that make them have a better mentality, have a motivation and a desire to progress and have a better future. But talking about the proposal of Swift that is very crazzy because what person could buy a children only for eat it, that is cannivalism and mean. And a cause of this proposal it can be that the families or their parents will feel very bad because which mother could sell their kids only for money, the only good thing of the Swift proposal is that the economy of the country would be better, and poverty would decrease and the country could be better but thats not the solution. When I think about Swift’s proposal, and I ask me why?, and then I thought that in the essay it saids that he has no children and then I understand that he can not understand the feeling of the parents in that situation because he has no kids. When I think about the perspective of the rich people, if they would acept that for me are people without values and humility because how can you acept to buy a kid and then eat it, for me this rich people showed that money is much important and thats not true, that people instead of acepting this proposal they could give them help with money or with others opportunities like education or a home. Concluding this essay my opinion is that if we have a poor person near us the best we can do is help them with motivation or good ideas to progress and as a result we can be a better society.

viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2018

The Diary of Samuel Pepys

I am going to talk about the actions of the different characters, if there are good or bad, what I think about it and all this with some details of the story. In this diary it happened many things and in different contexts, the author of this diary samuel in my personal opinion he included integrity or significance to every situation or detail in the story as if he had been there. Samuel pepys in his personal life he had good and bad actions or feelings, because in some parts of the diary he expreses his thankfull but other times not, when it passed the great fire in London, many house burned it was a terrible moment, but the worst is that Samuel saw that, but he don’t care about it because it was not happening to him and for me that way of acting is to be indifferent, for me Samuel in this moment he was not a solidary person. But in the diary Samuel shows that he is very thankfull because all the things he have. Something that I don’t liked from Samuel is that he likes very much being with women like Barbara Palmer, instead of saying that he love his wife, but for me that is not true because if you love a person you should be respect and for me that it was a totaly disrespect from Samuel. The women that Pepys liked, it was an inteligent women that in that type of moments she always does what she wants and ,in that moment she cheated him, for me that is disrespectul. Talking about the Monarch, Charles II for me he had the courage to continue in the goverment despite having different problems, and having to continue the his father’s work. Ending this essay I think that the most important in a society and a person is to apply the values in order to be a good person.

miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2018

What virtues most have people today to make earth a better place to live in

Virtues are very important I consider them as values or rules in our lives in order to behave good and good comunication with others. We all know that virtues may consider a person as good or bad because, when a person doesn’t applies this values, misstreat the others, bothers all the time, insults people and have bad consequences because of the bad actions and also have problems with their family, friends and autority. Opposite of this the people that aply this virtues are completly different because always respect others, have good relationships with others and also can have good communication in a community. For me some of the most important virtues are respect, tolerance, loyalty, generosity, humility, forgiveness, love, responsability and justice. I think that virtues are like the moral rules and also rules for life because talking about myself when I do something bad I feel guilty because that goes against my moral principles, but the learning of this virtues is not in the school, is in our houses with our parents ,they are the ones that teach us since we were kids.

Something that i’ve notice is that in this present years the parents don’t teach the importance of virtues to their kids and they replace it with material things and don’t teach them love, respect with the others, tolerance, humility, generosity, forgiveness and many more, because every single virtue or value are important for life in order to make a person better. The ones that don’t apply the virtues since kids and also when they are adult usually have many problems because they misstreat people, are intolerant, have problems with the others, usually don’t have good relatioship with their friends, family and autority. For me the world of today is not easy because of the type of people in the society, but of course not everybody is bad. But the people in this world had changed into bad being more interesed in their own, more materialist, hypocrite, wishing the evil to the others, being selfish. But is more important talk about the good things because obviously the world has good people and the good actions count make the difference, this years the world has been in continuous change, nowdays the most children misstreat the adults, there’s no respect for others, the people is not generous any more because the people only want to shine in a individual way. I think that the world can change by good values, good learning from our parents, applying the virtues and having good maners.

When I think how the world would it be without the virtues or values I imagine the humans like a machine or a robot, having no mistakes, no feelings because a person without moral principles is like incomplete, like a living being without a reason for life, that why I relate this with robots because a robot is a program that doesn’t feel happiness or sadness, and cannot feel love or others values. But the saddest thing is that the people of this century are near to be a robot because it seems that their moral sense is gone and that is totaly bad because we are the example of the next generations, not only the planet is decaying also the people without good maners and good actions, and also because of this we are loosing our human spirit, know we don’t want to help anyone because we only want all the good for them. The virtues are the ones that can help the world getting worse.

lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2018

Legend: John Parker 

Once upon a time there was a mysterious dog known as John Parker, this dog barks every night about the midnight, this song is similar to the ambulance noise, this noise worries the neighbors because they don't understand the reason of the dog, it is believed that is a wild dog and hunter brought from the forest that in the nights was always hunting. Also has an excellent smell that can detect his owners in a large distance. When john Parker barks the people think is an ambulance inside of the house.

viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2018

Colombia, Barranquilla and my neighborhood

All began when my parents met  in the pool of the naval base of Barranquilla through a friend of my mom, in 1982, after some weeks they met better, and then they were boyfriends. The whole family of may dad are from Neiva, Huila he has 6 brothers and 1 sister. The whole family of my mom are from Barranquilla, Atlantico she has 6 sisters and 1 brother.
When my parents get married in Barranquilla of 1987, neither my brother or me had born, my parents could only have children 8 years later of being married, because of a problem of my mom.
After getting married my parents lived in San Andres only for 2 years because of my dads job, after living in the island my parents lived like 1 or 2 years in Cartagena, Puerto Leguizamo, and Bogotá.
Finally they stayed here in Barranquilla some months later my brother was born he lived all his childhood in the house of my grandmother, 8 years later I was born also in this city. But when my family turned 4 we had to live in another house then we moved to a house near from my grandmother, but some months later of being there my mom began to feel strange things, that are not normal and my mom told me that in that house I was always like scared or screaming so we move from that house. Then we lived in an apartment I don’t remember very much about that place but my mom told me that when I was a girl I enjoy very much that house, but I always remember that almost everyday I went to my grandmothers house that was very big, I used to eat delicious things in that house, I passed very good with my granny, I did many adventures with my cousins, I played in the street with a ball and for me that was happiness, I have many good good memories about my granny and his house.
Finally after all that houses and apartments I am living in an apartment that I like very much because of the location, is near the school, the supermarkets, malls, parks and many places to eat. In this apartment that I am living now I like it very much, not only for the location or the places that are near also for the people that lives in this neighborhood, and all the priviledges that I have only for living here. For me the location is very important in my house I can go to many malls or supermarkets walking, I can go to my school walking, the only difficult is the climate. My neighbors are very good persons, every morning I go to school they talk with me and that is nice because we have to socialize with new people and in this apartment I had lived like 11 years.
Talking about places I had visit in Colombia, I had visited Bogotà, Medellin, Cartagena, Santa Marta and Neiva. Visit all that cities was a great experience, because for example the first time I visited bogotá I was very happy because it was cold and I saw all that mountains was incredible for me. The first time I visited Cartegena was for the job of my dad and because for me is beautifull, the beach, the hotels and all the places we can go there. Another special place is Neiva because that is the city were the family of my dad is and was born, when I can I visit my uncles. The city that for me is very very beautifull is Medellin I love it’s nature, it’s climate, the wunderfull places were you can go, to a mall, to a park or a museum, I love this city. I think that instead of looking other places in all the world we need to know more about our country and take care of it.

miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2018

My Life

I am going to talk about my life, the things I like the most, my hobbies, my dislikes and the things I want to reach in this school year and in a future.

My name is Nicolle Vargas I’m 17 years old, I was born in September 13 of 2000, since my 16 or 17 I like very much the sports, especially watch soccer and play tennis. I love animals especially dogs and I have one her name is simón, I love him very much, I hate the people that mistreat any kind of animals or any human being. I have many hobbies for example go out with my dog and play with him, watch many football games of my favorite club and watch good movies. The things I want to reach in this school year  is to learn much, have good notes, be a good person , have an excellent score in Icfes then graduate, study in a good university what I like the most, medicine, reach all my professional and personal dreams and also learn every day about that. In a future a will like to continue studying medicine but in that time a specialization and being happy of what I would do.

viernes, 27 de abril de 2018


I am going to talk about the rejection against the women in the work, I am going to give examples and offer a posible solution.
For me the womens are our treasure are the one that gave us life the world won’t be the same without the women and this rejections started years ago when in almost all the planet the most important were the mens that always were working and think that the women only should be in the house takin care of the children and that’s not true, always in all the parts the people subestimate the power of the women and we think that in this present years that way of thinking have changed but that’s not true nowdays is maybe the same but not in all the places, for example in Arabia Saudi  the women cannot do anything alone and in that country the men are the only ones that have the power and work, the women are always in the house cooking, taking care of the children, and the women in that country cannot vote only the men and the women are mistreated and in that place is very normal do that, and also they have two women in and they can do what they want actually the women in the past years the women was used to do any kind of things, were trated like a thing, but the rejection against women also for me is a kind of violence because any human being deserves de treated bad, everyone should respect each other in other to have a good society. In Colombia the women also is rejected for example in the work, I now may women that work in medicine and are specialized in the same of other men but they recieved a lower salary because the people think that she don’t have the same capacity like a men or don’t let them work because they think that the men have more ability to do it, in Colombia in a year of elections a women was winning but in a interview a men told that the women will don’t make the good things as a men and will don’t have the capacity to govern a country and obviously this makes the women feel bad and that’s not the way, I have another case that a women worked in a company and she was the only women in the place and the owner of the company put him like a secretary and a men that has the same studies put him like the boss making the women feel lower. Another problem that the people always think that when a women is pregnant they cannot work or don’t work good and that’s not true the women have the same capacity of any men instead of being pregnant, something that maybe some people doesn’t know is that the women can do two things at the time. Without the women the world would be totaly different because they are mother are the ones that always take care of us, are the ones that tell us what is wrong. In many works the women is rejected the people think that the women have to wash the bathroom do the heavy work.
And my message for the people is to respect the women but also everyone don’t treat a person in a lower way because  their type of sex, the men that mistreat a women is not a men is a coward, all of us have to respect each other in order to have a better future.
Ending with my essay the women should be respected as any person and my posible solution to this problem is educate in every school or university that we have to respect the women in order to have a better future.